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Casacconi è Golu Suttanu


This territory arose from the grouping of the villages of the pieve of Casacconi, the canton of Alto Casacconi and the valley of Golu, which runs along the eponymous river.
Consisting of 6 villages for the most part built on the rocky outcrops of the ridges, the Casacconi è Golu Suttanu is worth a visit for its unique panoramas of several Castagniccia valleys, and its incomparable views of the sea and the Golu River.
The latter criss-crosses the heart of a region of unspoilt nature. This micro-region of the interior promises a calm, peaceful stay, following the rhythm of the river that crosses it. From visiting the small villages to invigorating dips in the fresh, clear waters of the Golu, holidaying here will be the source of longlasting memories.




A Penta è Acquatella

I Prunelli di Casacconi

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