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U Ponte di l'Infernu & Fiuminale

Visit Fiuminale for a journey out of time.

An abandoned village on the Vilone è Ornetu heights and erstwhile municipality in its own right, Fiuminale owes its rebirth to the community's dedication to nature, their region and traditions. There are still those who can be overcome with tenderness while contemplating a stone wall ravaged by time. This village, tucked away in the Costa Verde mountain, screamed its despair, the eternal refrain of those ancient communities accessible only by challenging trails, on foot, or, at best, on donkey or horseback. This village's return to life is the result of the 'San Ghjiseppu di Fiuminale' association's dedication. In Costa Verde, May 1st has become a traditional day of hiking to the abandoned village of Fiuminale, where an intergenerational gathering under the sign of the values of yesteryear takes place. The sung Mass and the 'merendella' bring together a crowd of pilgrims in the very heart of the Tavanincu maquis, where the chapel and the proud houses of the abandoned hamlet have overcome the vagaries of time. This is a glorious day in Fiuminale, an unmissable day which symbolises brotherhood


Getting here

Access is only possible on foot or on horseback, via the Fiuminale Suttanu trails from the Pont de l'Enfer ('Bridge of Hell') or via Fiuminale Supranu from the hamlet of Ornetu. It is best to go via the Pont de l'Enfer, the trail is more pleasant as one can combine walking and swimming in the Petrignanu River that runs along the way. The routes are marked and shaded, without any notable difficulty. In both cases, the walking time is about 1h15. Upon arrival you will be fascinated by the beauty of the site and its majestic view