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Mount San Petrone

Getting There:

The ascent can be made from the eastern slope of the hamlet of Campodonico (not far from Pedicroce), from the western slope of the villages of Saliceto and Gavignano, or via the Col de Pratu (on the road to Ponte Leccia - A Porta). In any case, the route totals 6 km with a total walking time ranging from 5h to 6h, and elevation differences ranging between 900 m (Campodonico), 1,000 m (Saliceto or Gavignano), and 800 m (from the Col de Pratu). Once the peak is reached, admire the magnificent wrought iron cross, the walled statue of San Petru and a breathtaking panorama. An orientation table also shows the names of the villages and peaks that can be observed from this vantage.