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Orezza water site

In the heart of a centuries-old chestnut grove

Known since Roman antiquity, the sparkling natural mineral waters of Orezza arise in the heart of the majestic Castagniccia. Authorised by ministerial decree on April 25, 1856, this thermal water, remarkable for its high iron content, was used to treat anaemia, disorders of the nervous system, malaria, and liver and kidney diseases. Now only used for drinking, the water of Orezza is part of the common heritage of all Corsicans.

An industrial site in Castagniccia, in the heart of the Corsica Regional Natural Park

The mineral waters of Orezza site presents a beautiful example of the industrial architecture of the nineteenth century, in its green, natural setting. The establishment, which has been entirely renovated, was the object in 1998 of a sympathetic extension of this historical place.