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San Niculaiu

San Niculaiu stretches along the foothills of Mount Castelllu d'Osari, where its five picturesque hamlets are spread out, down to the shores of th Tyrrhenian Sea, which is home to the seaside resort of Moriani-Plage. Take a leisurely stroll down the streets of these hamlets, the starting point for many hiking and bike trails along the Costa Verde. On foot or by car, follow the Coast Road which will lead you to the Ucelluline waterfall.

To discover
- San Ghjuvanni l'Evangelista dating from the 17th century, entirely restored and listed as historical monument.
- The Ucelluline Falls beyond the village.
- The aqueduct of Ercate dating from the Roman Empire, visible from the road that climbs to the village.
- The seaside resort and the beach of Moriani-Plage.
- The Pasquale Paoli memorial.
- The Padul'Ella Festival, singings by women's, usually end-July.